Over the years, Antrev has developed professional relationships with competent Montreal’s best commercial and industrial services – firms that consistently meet our exacting standards. We have teamed with superior designers and building specialists who regularly collaborate with us.

Antrev can arrange introductions for our clients who are looking for support in design, function and implementation. This range of professional services can be accessed individually or collectively, as well as a full range of other professional services required to operate real estate effectively:

  • Property analysis for potential rental profitability
  • Engineering & Architectural platforms
  • Computer management facilities
    • Management software linked to accounting & banking
  • Insurance services
  • Contractors & specific trades people

We can also extend introductions to our highly competent accountancy and legal firms should this be required.

The province of Quebec (and Montreal in particular), has a unique business culture. We understand the way it works. We can help you to navigate the cultural aspects to succeed profitably in business here.

Your success is our success. We will help you, in any way that we can, to achieve your goals in finding, owning and operating commercial real estate.