This question is uppermost in the mind of every owner. Antrev and knows that the key to sustained profitability is filling each building with quality tenants.

We have been very successful in bringing together a vibrant mix of occupants for the buildings we manage, where we strive to foster synergies among the tenants. Most importantly, we create the conditions that are critical to ensuring tenant retention. We stake our reputation on offering clean, well maintained, attractive buildings; three key factors that matter at lease renewal time.

Antrev is a third property manager that has developed a reputation for taking on difficult buildings and releasing them back to life.
 Andrew Cross, eSpace Montreal

Antrev fully understands the importance of protecting the positive image of commercial buildings. Ongoing maintenance is an obvious priority. Our managers make practical decisions daily to ensure the quality of the locations we manage.  Beyond that, we deliver tangible reductions in operating expenses through innovative measures to reduce water consumption, control temperatures and implement efficient lighting options.

The detailed monthly reports we provide owners are financial and operational in essence but also show the measures we have taken to care for their holdings. These reports also highlight anticipated capital expenditures, and include recommendations and steps to achieve optimization.

We have also developed long term working relationships with reliable subcontractors and trades-people, and we make that trusted network available to our owner and tenant clients.

Going beyond the status quo is also a driving force behind Antrev. We have made great strides, I with the owners support converting older buildings into efficient, in profitable spaces while respecting the architectural integrity of the original structures. Within our portfolio, we have LEED certified properties and have received the AHRAE* international first place award for outstanding achievement in the design and operation of energy efficient buildings. *(American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)